LED Trunk Light

LED trunk lights are perfect energy-efficient alternatives to replace traditional linear fluorescent lights. As an optimal solution for conventional systems and new installations, it offers ultra high brightness by using efficient LED modules (up to 160lm/W), stable drivers with PF>0.95, PMMA lenses and aluminum material for high thermal conductivity and heat radiation. With 5, 7 or 9 wires and 3-phase switch, as ON/OFF, 1-10V, DALI, or with emergency backup available. Ideal lights for supermarkets, warehouses, workshops, stores, offices, schools, and more. LED TRUNK LIGHT - LENS 35W - 55W - 70W Up to 160lm/W 30° - 60° - 90° - 120° - double or single asymmetric 25° 70x72x1436 LED TRUNK LIGH

Nordic Aluminium - History, Today & Tomorrow

A Brief History, Today & Tomorrow HISTORY: Industry leader for more than 50 years Nordic Aluminium was founded as Nokia Aluminium in 1962. Lighting tracks were manufactured under Nokia’s brand up until 1996 when Nordic Aluminium got its current name. Lival has been a majority owner of Nordic Aluminium since the early 2000’s, and collaboration between the two companies has matured to become a perfect combination in the professional lighting field. TODAY: Innovative complete solutions Thanks to strong expertise in designing and manufacturing innovative tracks, adapters and accessories, Nordic Aluminium today has a position as a globally leading manufacturer. We provide unique global tracks and

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