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Lival from Finland

Lival is a predominant world supplier for retail lighting solutions. Through its constant development by using the latest technological advancements and in collaboration with its 100% owned subsidiary Nordic Aluminum, Lival is able to meet all lighting needs.

With the overabundance of LED choices, we want to make the choice easy by making sure every luminaire is suitable for a retail environment, by creating good quality light, and high-end luminaires affordably.

With our wide portfolio offering different models & versions of:

Citizen LED COB´s

To ensure that your store is always shown in the best possible light, we use a wide range of Citizen LED COB´S.

  • CRI80+ with excellent performance and extremely high lumen/watt ratio

  • CRI90+ excellent color rendering & good efficiency

  • CRI90+ also as B.BBL (Below Black Body Locus) available, ensuring that the white light truly looks as clean & sharp as possible

  • From 2700K to 5000K color temperatures

  • VIVID COB´s for true color rendering and to make specific lighting targets stand out

  • COB Meat + COB Bakery for markets, bakeries, and cafeterias

  • Rated MacAdams SDCM2 with no color deviations visible to the bare eye and with the light color remaining unchanged through the whole lifetime

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