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Importance Of Natural Light

Exposure to natural light is a vital resource to our physical and psychological wellbeing. Access to sunlight can provide significant health advantages.

These are some of the benefits:

- Improves our mood and makes us feel happier

- Helps us fight depression

- Improves our circadian rhythm and sleep patterns

- Less fatigue, more energy

- Boosts vitamin D

- Helps us focus and concentrate

- Increases productivity

- Lowers stress level

We tend to spend more time indoors or depending on the season and lack of sunlight, it might be difficult to take advantage of natural light. Thankfully, technological advancement can help us compensate the lack of exposure to sunlight and artificial lighting can replace daylight. There are different bulbs and fixtures that can simulate sunlight or implement a circadian lighting system.

Not only is sunlight a positive effect to our health, but it can also improve energy efficiency. Nowadays with solar LED fixtures, it´s very easy to save even more energy and money. This is a good option to reduce the utility costs and save energy.

There are some ways you can maximize natural lighting in your interior space like using big windows or glass doors, trying not to block the windows with furniture, keeping the drapes open or using mirrors to reflect natural light.

Try getting more access to sunlight, maximize natural light in your home, sit next to the window while working, have your coffee break outdoor, use artificial lighting that can simulate sunlight, and save energy. Of course, there are side effects and overexposure risks. It´s always important to get enough light but not to be exposed too much or for too long.


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