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Our LED A60/A19 Bulb Series

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

The A60 or A19 is the most common used light bulb. Our LED A Series is the perfect energy efficient replacement for any traditional incandescent lamp. They provide a beautiful and uniform light, creating a comfortable lighting environment. By using LED alternatives you can contribute to our environment and save up to 80-90% energy.

  • They come with either E26 or E27 socket base

  • It is very easy to install and replace

  • Offers high color rendering with CRI>80 + CRI>90 as options

8W to replace 60W

- Offering 800 lumens

- With 300° beam angle, offering spherical and even light distribution

- In dimmable & non- dimmable versions available

13W to replace 75W

- With 110lm/W, reaching up to 1300 lumens

- Provides uniform light creating a comfortable lighting environment

20W to replace 120W

- Efficient for places where high light output is required

- Up to 1850 lumens

Why our LED A60/A19 Series?

Produced with high efficacy LED chips & an optimized heat sink

With an overall cooling design providing good heat dissipation

Offering high lumen output & a stable performance during its lifetime

Longer lifespan

Lower maintenance cost & energy savings

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