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Why should traditional lamps be replaced with LED light?

Updated: Apr 14, 2023


By choosing LED lights, you have a positive impact on the environment. LED lights do not contain toxic elements such mercury, lead or any other heavy metal which can contaminate the environment when disposed.

Electricity use

By using LEDs, the need for electricity decreases. You are able to get the same amount of light by using less power. LEDs are 80% more efficient than traditional light.

Cost savings

By using less electricity, you save energy and energy bill costs. The lifespan of LED light is much longer than traditional light, contributing as well on maintenance costs.


With LEDs it is much easier to control the light. You are able to adjust the color or the amount of light you need by using control systems, apps or remote controls.


LED bulbs consume less energy, produce less heat and offer more light. You get more lumens per watt. Most of the energy used is converted into light and the light distribution is focused.

Safer light

LED products do not contain mercury, UV or IR light, which can be harmful to humans.

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