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Inspiring ideas to light up your space

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

With our flexible LED strip series you can easily illuminate any corner or furniture, you can add some style to your room and create unique spaces.

Check below some ideas on how you can decorate your space and set different environments. Available for indoor and outdoor applications, in white tones and RGB colors.

Light up your bathroom, complement your mirror with light to optimize your visibility, add light to your under cabinet and side floors.

Make your bedroom a serene and relaxing surrounding by using LED strips on the walls or under the bed.

Give a stylish design to your dressing room by adding indirect lighting.

Decorate your outdoor deck, patio or garden.

Make your living room more spacious, create a cosy atmosphere, make your walls glow or give your TV some background light.

Give your kitchen a modern touch and use under cabinet lighting.

Light your stairway and baseboards.

Intensify your restaurant and bar with indirect lighting.

Create a relaxing surrounding in your spa or strengthen the light in your salon.

Highlight and assure all items in your store are easily visible.

Illuminate hallways and entrances.

Enlarge your bakery or coffee shop and make your products stand out.

Combine task light with indirect light in your office and meeting rooms.

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