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Restaurant, Bar & Cafe Lighting

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

To have a good restaurant, bar or cafe, not only do you need great food and service, but you also need the perfect ambiance. When creating this perfect setting, light and comfort are critical components to take into account. Proper lighting is extremely crucial to enhance the atmosphere and what will add to make your space a comfortable environment.

There are different types of lighting techniques that can help you create your desired effect, upscale, and be functional at the same time. Reducing energy and saving costs is also very important to consider when designing your space.

Types of lighting

Consider the 3 basic types:

AMBIENT - Main source of light in the room

TASK - Functional light, allowing staff to read or cook comfortably

ACCENT - Focal light to highlight boards, paintings, elements or other

Dimming & saving

A big plus is to be able to adjust the light according to the time of day. By taking advantage of natural light, you can save even more energy and costs.

Setting the mood

There are different types of lighting according to the hours of operation. For breakfast, lunch, or cafes, natural light or bright light is the ideal option. This is the time of day to wake up or to re-charge. Dinnertime can be more relaxed and romantic. Soft and indirect light will in this case set the mood. Fundamental is to make any space feel warm, comfortable and inviting.

Color temperature

Proper color temperature will help you define your space. Cafés or fast food chains have a more "casual" environment, while dinning restaurants have a more relaxing one. An ideal option would be warm white, 2700K to 3000K. There can be places where neutral white 4000K - 4700K would also be a good choice, such as casual restaurants, kitchens or bathrooms. Thanks to the latest technology, we can also consider fixtures or bulbs were the color temperature can gradually be changed from 2700K to 6000K and the light can be as well dimmed.


Accentuating elements, art or architecture can also be appealing. Add pendant lights to the booth and to each table, or add led strips to the bar.

Controlling light

There are tools that can help you manage your lighting. There might be areas where more light is needed compared to other areas in your room, based on natural light, operating hours, seating layouts, etc. By controlling the light it will allow you to customize based on your specific needs and help you save even more.

More to consider

- Avoid direct sunshine on tables

- Make sure to avoid glare

- Tables must be well lit, but also not too bright

- Try not to over-light spaces

A well designed interior will improve the quality of your business, increase productivity and make staff and customers happier.

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