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LED Office Lighting

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

We spend many hours a day in artificial lit offices, so setting the proper light can be very vital to our well-being. Having good quality of light will not only create a pleasant, comfortable, and a safe environment, but it will also improve our level of concentration, motivation, creativity, and performance. Poor lighting on the other hand, can decrease productivity and have a negative influence on our well-being. LED lighting is a great alternative for office illumination. They are functional, efficient, cost-effective and environment-friendly.

Some points to consider for better office lighting:

- Take advantage of natural light.

- Make spaces look natural and bright.

- Light must be uniform and balanced.

- Different areas require different kind of lighting or level of illumination. Hallways or kitchens might not require the same level of lighting as meeting areas or work spaces.

- Anti or low glare options are very essential to reduce discomfort and tiredness.

- Light positioning or placement. Also very important to avoid glare and reflection of light on screens or glass surfaces.

- Complimentary light on the walls or ceilings can make spaces look bigger and brighter. A great alternative for this case would be linear lights with up & down light, led strips on the ceiling or walls or wall lights as wall washers.

- Choosing the correct color temperature. Break rooms can use warmer light in order to create a relaxing atmosphere. Work or meeting spaces need cool white for an active and stimulated environment.

- Control systems are a big plus. Used to adjust the intensity of light or even the color temperature according to the course of day, preferences or needs. It can help create different moods for each work scenario and achieve even further energy saving.

- LEDs are energy efficient and environment friendly. They consume less energy, help save energy and maintenance costs. Old systems consume more energy and have a negative impact on the environment.

- To achieve a perfect design use ambient, accent, and task lighting.

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