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Garden & Tree Lighting

By illuminating your vegetation you can highlight the charms of your garden and at the same time offer visibility and safety.

If you are looking for a visual impact, consider Illuminating treetops from the front, branches or both. Highlight the volume, branches and trunk of trees with one or several spotlights. You can do so by placing the spotlights at a certain distance from the tree depending on its height or by placing them on tree branches.

Accentuate and take advantage of the aesthetics of your plants, bushes, fountains or sculptures. Place spotlights at a certain distance to focus them with light.

Mark paths and entrances with bollard or post lights. These can be arranged on one or both sides of the path, this will guide the way through the paths.

By using exterior lighting you can also enhance facades or walls, which can also help create a charming environment.


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