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  • Nancy Cullen

How to Change Your Shopping Habits to Save Money and Save The Planet

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Want to reduce your carbon footprint without increasing your budget? You’re not alone, as many Americans are struggling with finding a balance between getting the most out of their paychecks, without causing the most harm to the environment. So how can you strike that balance and stop stressing yourself out? You can start by using Technolamp's basic tips to alter your shopping habits and turn yourself into a budget-savvy, eco-friendly consumer.

Turn to Crate and Barrel when buying long-lasting furniture

When you are looking for new furniture or decor, you should look for pieces that will last a lifetime. Investing in long-lasting furniture can come with a bigger price tag, but avoiding cheaply produced furniture will also help you leave a smaller carbon footprint. Plus, you can save money on quality furniture by picking up those items from stores like Crate and Barrel. By looking online for a Crate and Barrel discount code, you can score savings on everything you need to outfit your home. You may even be able to find cashback offers to put more green in your wallet, too. From sustainably sourced wood to eco-friendly fabrics, Crate and Barrel offers a generous selection of furniture to fit your personal style without harming the planet. Searching for online deals is a great alternative when you’re worried about choosing between your wallet or the environment, since promo codes and cashback offers can make ethically produced, long-lasting furniture just as affordable as “fast furniture.”

Stop Wasting Money on Fast Fashion By Searching for Secondhand Deals

If you’re really committed to reducing your carbon footprint, you need to understand that convenience for you can equate to consequences for the environment. This correlation is especially true in the fast fashion industry, a consumer trend which is still dominating the market, even to the detriment of our environment. As shoppers search for bargains with fast fashion retailers, targeted marketing strategies and discounted prices encourage them to purchase more than they really need. Most of that excess clothing typically finds its way to landfills, with 10.46 million tons of wasted clothing being sent to landfills every single year. So how can you break this fast fashion cycle? Just like with furniture, you can start by investing in eco-friendly clothing that is sustainably produced and made to last a while. There are even affordable eco-friendly options to fit your personal style and your budget. Another easy way to make shopping for apparel and accessories less of a strain on your finances and the environment is to start thrifting. By selling your old clothes to secondhand shops and picking up used pieces, you can help lessen the carbon footprint of your wardrobe.

Stop Throwing Out Food and Start Planning Meals to Reduce Waste and Costs

Consumer food waste is another major problem for the environment, and has several negative impacts on our climate. For one, food that is sitting in landfills produces methane gas that contributes to global warming, but the carbon costs of producing that food also has a significant impact on the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the air. To reduce food waste, you can use meal planning apps to get yourself in the habit of only buying what you need each week, which will not only reduce your family’s food waste but can also help reduce your grocery bill. If you want to boost those savings even more, consider downloading an app that offers coupons for groceries. Also, be mindful as you shop for your family’s groceries and know how to avoid impulse purchases.

It’s crucial to remember that convenience and low prices often come with a hefty price for our planet. So make a conscious decision to invest your hard-earned dollars in goods that will last longer, and only purchase what you need to stay comfortable. By altering these two consumer habits, you can drastically alter the impact you have on the world. Future generations are counting on us to make those changes before it’s too late.

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