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Lighting, a positive factor for the human being


Most of the information we receive from our environment is provided by our eyes. We live in a visual world, with the eye being one of the most important organs in the human body. Light is the medium that makes visual perception possible, determining our cycle and regulating our rhythm of life.

Light not only allows us to see, but also positively affects our state of mind, our motivation, our well-being, how we feel and how we behave. The way we perform is based on the influence that light gives us, it depends on the visual system, the image we take of the world and the perception of this image. That is why good lighting plays a very important role in every persons daily life.

Lighting is an important environmental factor to take into account to promote a good environment, wether at work, home, school, centers, etc., where one can feel safe and well. Performance and visual comfort depend on the quality of lighting. Good lighting is not only effective to our wellbeing, but to our health and productivity. We spend most of our time indoors, which makes lighting play a vital role and have a daily impact to our health. Appropriate lighting can be an efficient way of boosting our productivity, increasing alertness, concentration, affecting our mood as well as cognitive function while reducing attention span. Bad lighting, in the other hand, can result in fatigue, headaches, lower performance and lower concentration. Research carried out has shown how the absence of lighting can negatively affect people's state of mind and the low capacity to handle information. Poor quality of lighting could with time cause health problems, such as sleep problems, lack of energy, concentration problems, stress, and even depression.

In recent times, the development of new lamps and luminaires has grown extraordinarily. Not to mention lighting control and the flexibility we have to adjust the amount of light we need, the color temperature, etc. These new products have maximized economic efficiency and minimized environmental impact. By using these LED products you can certainly create the perfect atmosphere for our well being and at the same time have a positive impact on our environment.


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