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The importance of reducing glare

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Glare can be caused by the presence of overly bright light or when light is too direct, either by sunlight or artificial light. This can affect our visual perception and visibility, be uncomfortable for our eyes, and even harmful to our health.

Glare can be either direct (high luminance coming direct from a light source) or indirect (caused by the reflection of excessive brightness), causing discomfort or disability. Discomfort does not prevent seeing but disability can prevent vision.

There are ways that can help us minimize glare:

- Purchase anti-glare options or products with up-light effect

- Add special lenses, louvers or reflectors to diffuse light

- Install multiple light sources

- Use indirect lighting, wall lights, up&down lights

- Control the amount of light offered or dim your lights

- Move the direction of the beam angle or relocate the lights so they don´t shine directly to the eyes or reflect on a surface

- Change or cover the reflective surface

- Opt for frosted versions

Many of our products are designed to control glare, can be made with special lenses, or can be dimmed to adjust the level of light.

Uniform light and brightness level are important, as well as a comfortable and pleasant visual environment.

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