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Bedroom Lighting

cozy bedroom

Bedrooms are not only our sleeping space but also a place for relaxation, a place where we should enjoy and feel comfortable. Good lighting is important to our well being and it plays an important role when creating the perfect bedroom lighting. The key is to form the perfect balance between function and coziness. By combining ambient and task lighting you can make the room functional and warm, creating the perfect relaxing atmosphere that we need before our good night sleep.

Bedside and corner lamps or fixtures are ideal for task lighting. For bedside lighting you can use table lamps or pendant fixtures. For corner lighting you can use floor lamps or pendant fixtures to brighten up your reading corner. Ideal is to control each light independently and a major plus , to adjust the color temperature and lumen efficiency or dimming.

bed and floor lamps

bedside pendant light

modern bedside lamps

For ambient lighting, spots lights or downlights are a good option. Either GU10, MR16, PAR or A60 bulbs. They offer a soft and uniform light, giving sufficient brightness and a atmospheric touch.

modern bedroom

spot lights for bedroom lighting

LED strips provides a modern touch to your space. Either as indirect ceiling light or to illuminate behind or under the bed.

led strips for bedroom lighting

Decorative lamps are a plus. Not only do they give character, they give a statement and add a beautiful touch to your room.

eye catching pendant light

Wall lights are also an option that can make a room look bigger and add style to the space.

modern bedroom fixtures

Get inspired, combine fixtures and lamps to make your room the ideal place to sit back and relax.


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