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Combining & Mixing Fixtures

Lighting has a big impact on any space. By combining fixtures you can give your room some character and at the same time, make it functional. Whether it´s for your home, office, shop or restaurant, there are different fixtures available that can be used to form a comfortable and charming environment.

There are some important factors to consider when choosing the type of fixture that would fit best:

- Size of the area or space

For big open areas, big pendant fixtures or high bays can be a good option. For smaller areas consider smaller fixtures to not take up too much space.

- Room layout and use

It´s important to know what is the use or purpose of the room. For an office, linear lights or panels can be a good option, they help provide sufficient light to work without glare. For a shop, track lights or down lights would be a good alternative, they can be easily adjusted to set focus on merchandise and products.

- General and task lighting

Always consider having general and task lighting. General lighting to have a good visibility and task or focal lighting to high light certain areas, objects, etc.

- Decorative and functional

Give a decorative touch and make it functional at the same time. Pendant lights can give a minimalistic touch to the room and at the same time, illuminate the eating area. Modern high bays can give a modern and industrial feeling to an office and at the same time, provide plenty of light on a hall way.

- Complement the overall look

Choose lights that go best with the overall design. The style of the fixture depends on the room and its overall aesthetic.


- Downlights and pendant lights

- High bays and track lights

- Pendant lights and linear ligths

- High bays and linear lights

- Pendant lights and chandeliers

Mix and match to form a great look and make your space feel welcoming and pleasant.


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