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New Fixtures For Our Track Profile System

Wide range of fixtures to add to your track & profile system

Expand and add more fixtures to your magnetic track and profile system. Decorative, general, indirect wall light, linear, pendant or track lights. A wide range of luminaires that can easily be installed, tool-free, on our magnetic track profile system. Combine and play using different fixtures to create the ideal atmosphere for every space or application area.


- The profiles can be installed as recessed, surface mount or suspension.

For recessed, surface-mount or suspension installation

- Wide range of fixtures or luminaires, from spot lights to track lights, pendant lights, linear lights & indirect wall lights.

Wide range of fixtures available

- Combine and install different fixtures according to every space or requirement.

Linear, pendant, track or wall washing lights

- Easy to install, magnetic tool-free replacement.

Magnetic tool free replacement

- Different colors and additional lenses available.

Different colors & lenses available

- One system with various fixtures for every lighting requirement and atmosphere.

Various fixtures for the same track system

General lighting fixture


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